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Reunion Cast

Xamon Glasper

Xamon Glasper


An actor and producer known for his versatility and his ruggedly handsome looks, Xamon Glasper is best recognized for his work in the role of "Greg" in the 2022 film "Queen Rising."

T. Denise Johnson

T. Denise Johnson


T. Denise Johnson is an actress known for her layered portrayals of dynamic women. With acting credits steadily rising, T. Denise is determined, enthusiastic, and undoubtedly a rising star in the industry.

Gregory Alan Williams

Gregory Alan Williams

"Willy James"

February 2023 marks the completion of GregAlan’s fourth feature film REUNION. Written, produced, and directed by the Iowa native, Reunion is an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller starring Xamon Glasper (Being Mary Jane, Queen Rising) and T. Denise Johnson (Platinum, 5th Ward).

Reunion actor Kenneth Nance, Jr

Kenneth Nance, Jr

"Young Willy James" 

Reunion actor Jay Peterson

Jay Peterson

“Officer Donaldson”

Reunion actor Caleb J. Avery

Caleb J. Avery

“Young William”

Reunion actor Kristina Cureton

Kristina Cureton


DeEtta M. West

DeEtta M. West

"Aunt Beatrice"

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